Start-up consulting services are designed to offer advise to start-up and newly formed companies, from inception of an idea through the growth of a successful business.

Starter Consulting offers unique expertise that blends multicultural entrepreneurial experience, real business insight and practical solutions.

The most useful time to seek professional business advice and support is before starting since the kick-off of any business is highly critical for the investment.

Starting up a business has deep threats, and for this reason the initial challenge is to avoide mistakes due to lack of knowledge. It is indeed a competitive advantage to have experienced business consultants assisting a venture with the proper set-up.

Our business takes the mystery out of the start-up process which can be paralyzing for a start-up company.We guide our client’s through the start-up process enabling to focus on their long-term business vision.

We deal with a multitude of responsibilities from strategy to planning, setup of the legal business structures, company names protection, general business presence, communication with traditional and innovative media.

Starter Consulting develops business momentum on behalf of the client. Top private equity-crowfunding-business angels network worldwide.